Internship Program For International Students

We are delighted to announce that Sleman HDSS presents exceptional opportunities for students seeking enriching internships or practical work experiences. Here, students can apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting, gaining invaluable experience, fostering professional connections, and honing their competencies.

During their internship at Sleman HDSS, students will actively participate in a variety of tailored activities aligned with their learning objectives. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing Research Projects
  • Overseeing Community Service Projects
  • Facilitating Research Findings Publications
  • Engaging in Digital Questionnaire Application Development
  • Handling Data Management Tasks
  • Analyzing Population Health Data

Under the careful guidance and supervision of dedicated field supervisors, students will navigate these tasks with support and mentorship. Upon successful completion of their internship, Sleman HDSS will furnish participants with a certificate of internship experience and an assessment report.

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Join us in seizing this remarkable opportunity to enhance your academic journey and professional growth with Sleman HDSS.

To ensure a smooth application process, please adhere to the following steps

1. Follow the instructions on this website

link to website

2. Confirmation from International Relations Office (IRO) of UGM

Upon acceptance into the internship program:

  • Students are required to submit the Syllabus of Internship activities from the home university (if necessary) and Proposal of Internship via email to, using the subject “Internship_Name_University”.
  • Additionally, students must submit the internship activity plan in the form of a presentation (template available).

3. Preparation of Application Documents

No. Document Requirements Format
1 Internship proposal
  • Document file name format: Internship_Name_Internship Proposal
  • Free-format, maximum 1 page
  • Contains activities, knowledge, experience, or skills that are desired to be obtained during the internship or practical work activities at Sleman HDSS

maximum 1 MB

2 Syllabus of internship activities from the home university (if necessary)
  • Document file name format: Internship_Name_Internship Syllabus

maximum 10 MB

4. Conducting the internship

Interns will be directed to the relevant Sleman HDSS division. Weekly progress reports must be presented in the provided template.

5. Internship Report Submission

Students must submit the Final Report of the Internship or other outcomes of the internship activities (video, module, article, other media).

6. Post Internship

Sleman HDSS staff will provide the assessment of internship activity results from the field supervisor upon request. The certificate of internship completion will be provided by IRO, as needed, after submitting the work logbook.

For more information, please contact us on WhatsApp number +628112577453 or send email to