Secondary Data Utilization

Secondary data utilization is a scheme in which users can use the data collected by Sleman HDSS in their research project. Users can determine the research topic they want and adjust it with the available variables in the Sleman HDSS data collection. In addition, it is important to ensure the novelty of the research plan. Therefore, before applying for data request, users must have a basic understanding of Sleman HDSS’ data collection method, variables availability, and data structure. Also, they have to check the past and ongoing research based on Sleman HDSS data. After their application is approved, the Sleman HDSS data management team will prepare the dataset containing the variables as requested by the user.

Benefits of secondary data utilization

• Sleman HDSS vast data collection allowing researchers to explore various demographic and health topics
• Time, cost, and energy efficient because the data is already available

General requirements

1. The latest data is only accessible for the academic community of FKKMK UGM
2. Academic community outside of FKKMK UGM are allowed to use Sleman HDSS data, 2 years after data collection.
3. Data user non-FKKMK UGM are allowed access to the latest data if there are FKKMK lecturer or researchers in their team
4. Data user have to show their commitment to publish their work in a reputable journal

Secondary Data Utilization Request Procedure

Sleman HDSS Secondary Data Utilization Guidelines

1. Ensure the novelty of the research plan
Please check publications and ongoing and previous research based on Sleman HDSS data.
2. Explore the Sleman HDSS questionnaire module
It is important that user have a to have a good grasp of basic information of Sleman HDSS data, such as the type of module use, data collection interval for each module, eligible subject for each module, and who answers the module. All of this information is available in codebook, data catalogue or summary of result.
3. Prepare documents required for data request application
Please prepare the document files to be uploaded






Research proposal

pdf maximum size 10 MB


List of requested variables

download document template

xls/xlsx maximum size 10 MB


Statement Concerning The Use of Sleman HDSS Data

download document template

doc/docx maximum size 10 MB


Condition of use

download document template

4. Fill out the application form and submit the required documents
In the following form, fill out all the required information and upload all the required documents

HDSS Data Request Form:


  1. Only one application is needed for one research project
  2. User or a group of users may submit multiple applications for different research projects
  3. The application will be processed after all required documents are submitted.Users are expected to prepare a brief presentation which includes the following points
  4. Peneliti diharapkan mempersiapkan materi presentasi yang memuat poin-poin sebagai berikut:
    – Background
    – Purpose
    – Research method
  5. User is required to present their plan if Sleman HDSS scientific board deemed it necessary.