Sleman HDSS Guidebook Volume 1: Wave 1-5 (2015-2019)

Lestari, S. K., Huda, T. A., Wardani, R. K., Pratama, K. G., Rosha, P. T., Maulana, F. R., Putri, R. K. S. C., & Hikmah, N. F. N. Sleman HDSS Guidebook Volume 1: Wave 1-5 (2015-2019). Sleman (ID): Universitas Gadjah Mada; 2022.

This comprehensive guidebook offers insights into the research methods, data collection processes, modules and questionnaires used, data management practices, and data weighting techniques. It also provides in-depth information on each module implemented by Sleman HDSS, including any modifications made during the five data collection cycles. Additionally, the guidebook includes a compilation of the instruments employed in the data collection process.